Total Body HIIT Workout – AMRAP Style

Spring has arrived, FINALLY! Yes, I know technically it arrived officially late March, but I think we are rounding the corner for a more permanent pattern of warmer weather, and I couldn’t be more estatic about it. Longer days and warmer, sunny weather means more time outside to really wear all the kiddos out…which means when everyone hits the bed for the night, they actually sleep soundly!
Today’s quick total body workout combines a strength, cardio, and core move into six 3 minute rounds, done AMRAP style. AMRAP is a type of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which stands for “as many rounds as possible.”
Do the first three moves with associated reps on repeat for 3 minutes, completing as many rounds of all 3 moves as you can within the 3 minute timeframe.
Rest for 45 seconds.
Complete a second three minute round of the first three moves, as many rounds as you can within the 3 minutes.
Rest again for 45 seconds.
Move on moves 4, 5 and 6 and repeat associated reps of each move for 3 minutes, as many rounds as possible.
Rest for 45 seconds.
Complete a second round of moves 4, 5, and 6 for 3 minutes, as many rounds as possible.
Rest for 45 seconds.
Move on to the last 3 moves, completing a 3 minute round with associated reps for each move, as many rounds as possible.
Rest 45 seconds and complete your final 3 minute round.
Feeling fiesty? Do the whole entire workout a second time through.
And this quick workout can be done anywhere….in your living room, at a park, in your driveway while the kids play and burn off more energy… just be sure to bring your mat or towel for the seated core moves.

Total Body HIIT Workout – AMRAP

As Many Rounds As Possible – 3 Minute Rounds – 45 Seconds Rest In Between Each Round

Rounds 1 & 2 {Alternating Plank (10), Burpee (8), Pushups (6)}

Rounds 3 & 4 {Quick Feet (10 sets), Curtsy Lunge With Tap (8), C-curve With Row(6 sets)}

Rounds 5 & 6 {Press Cross Jacks (10 sets), X Jumps (8), V-Sit Upright Double Leg Stretch (6)}



1 Alternating Side Planks (10 reps)

  • Core move
  • Start in a plank position with shoulders aligned over wrists
  • Keeping your core engaged, slowly rotate your entire body to your left into a side plank (your right hand will stay on the floor.) That’s one rep
  • Rotate through center and rotate to your right, keeping your left hand on the floor




2 Burpee (8 reps)

  • Cardio move
  • Begin standing with legs spaced hip distance
  • Squat down until your hands can reach the floor and jump your legs out to a plank
  • Jump your legs back into a deep squat
  • Jump as high as you can off the floor to finish the burpee




3 Pushups (6 reps)

  • Upper body strength move
  • Begin in a plank position, aligning your shoulders over your wrists
  • Keep your core engaged and your body aligned as you lower down towards the floor, then press back up to start
  • Modify by keeping your knees down on the floor the entire time





4 Quick Feet On a Ledge or Ball (10 sets)

  • Cardio move
  • Begin with legs spaced hip distance.
  • Quickly alternate tapping right foot then left foot against a ledge, medicine ball, or other object that you can quickly tap
  • 1 set is two taps (right and left foot)
  • Modify this by doing running high knees in place

5 Curtsy Lunge With Hand to Floor Tap (8 reps)

  • Lower strength move
  • Start with legs slightly wider than hip distance
  • Take your right leg slightly back behind your left leg, and drop into a curtsy lunge, while tapping the floor with your left hand.
  • Hop out of your lunge and jump to your right leg, performing curtsy lunge with floor tap on opposite side




6 C-curve With A Row (6 sets)

  • Core move
  • Sit down and balance on your bottom (between your “sits” bones and tailbone in your pelvis) with your feet lightly touching the floor
  • Begin rolling down your trunk towards the floor to create a small c-curve with your spine.
  • Scoop your belly towards your lower back
  • Rotating ribcage and up (including head), rotate towards your left side and row your arms slightly back behind you
  • Rotate center, then rotate ribcage and up towards the right, maintaining a deep scoop in your belly the entire time
  • Take up the intensity by extending same side leg towards ceiling as you row
  • 1 rotation to the right and then to the left is 1 set


7 Press Cross Jacks (10 sets)

  • Cardio move
  • Start with legs spaced hip distance
  • Hop your legs in towards each other and cross right in front of left
  • As you do this press your arms over head.
  • Hop your legs back to start position and lower arms
  • Hop legs again, this time crossing left in front of right while pressing arms overhead. That is one set

8 X Jumps (8 reps)

  • Lower strength move
  • Begin with legs together
  • Squat down while bringing arms in front of knees
  • Jump off the floor, reach arms and legs out and up into an “X” as you jump.
  • Land softly, with legs together and arms in front of knees again

9 V-Sit Upright Double Leg Stretch (6 reps)

  • Core move
  • Balance on your bottom (between your tailbone and “sits” bones)
  • Tuck your knees into your chest and place your hands on your shins
  • Extend your legs and arms up so that your body forms a V shape
  • Circle your arms around to the sides as you bend your knees to draw them back in towards your chest
  • Try to keep your balance the entire time 🙂


Tried it and liked it? Let me know below 🙂

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