I wished I began documenting my alcohol sobriety journey from Day 1, rather than finally feeling encouraged strong enough to first write about it at Day 79.

To be honest, I felt a bit of shame and guilt around coming ‘out of the darkness’ about it, and sharing my story. No, I wasn’t a completely out-of-control drinker. (update….well over a year into my sobriety now….YES I WAS OUT OF CONTROL WITH MY DRINKING. I CAN ADMIT IT NOW!!!!!)  I didn’t have any legal issues arise as a result of my drinking. I was still taking care of my motherly duties, family duties, and working part time teaching my Pilates classes.

But I was drinking too much, every night. Way too much. Way more than I was ever comfortable with. Drinking consumed me. So I finally decided to do something about it (read more of my story here.)

I feel if there is to be total openness and transparency on my blog, this part of my journey must be shared as well. I am not perfect, and alcohol is something that I struggled with, for years.

I hope that sharing my sobriety journey serves as a source of strength for those mamas who may being going through a similar struggle, and to also keep myself accountable.

As I continue along my sobriety journey, Ill share the gems below I’ve come across that have been integral to my recovery and staying the course.

Hip Sobriety (blog) by Holly Whitaker

This Naked Mind (book) by Annie Grace

Drink: The Intimate Relationship Between Women And Alcohol (book) by Ann Dowswett Johnston

Recovery Elevator (podcast) by Paul Churchill

Home (podcast) by Holly Whitaker