5 Minute Booty Routine To Tag Onto Your Workout

It’s no secret: I love working out my lower half. Anyway I can sneak some leg/ glute/hammy work into my workout, especially in a short amount of time, I am on it! Besides, working larger muscle groups, such as those found in the leg, equates to more calorie burn throughout your day.

I like to add this quick 5 minute bootay routine onto my workout several days per week (UNLESS it’s leg day. For the love of all things good, do NOT add this on after a full leg workout!) However, you can tag this on after a good cardio session, or combine it with some core work, like my Postpartum Pilates mini-series!

5 Minute Booty Routine

All the moves are done in quadruped (on your hands and knees). Be sure to scoop your abdominals towards your lower back to help keep it still and protected as you go through the moves.

1. Bent Knee Donkey Kicks With Pulses


  • Keeping the knee bent, hover the leg slightly off floor and extend the hip by driving heel back up towards the ceiling.
  • Do 20 donkey kicks
  • then 10 pulses (keep knee at least hip height as you pulse upward.)




2. Bent Knee Hip Abductions With Pulses


  • Open knee out to side (by externally rotating at the hip) then bring it back underneath
  • Do 20 hip abductions
  • then 10 pulses




3. Bent Knee Hip Circles


  • Keeping the knee bent, make large hip circles with the leg.
  • Try to make this circles as large as you can while keeping good form.
  • 10 each direction. You can alternate circle directions as I’m doing in the video, and complete 20 in this manner, or do 10 one direction, and then 10 in the opposite direction.



4. Curtsy With Side Kick


  • Tuck your bent knee behind stabilizing leg then lift and kick the leg out to the side (try to kick the leg out the same height as your hip!)
  • 15 times





5. Curtsy With Side Tap


  • (this move takes #4 up a notch.)
  • Curtsy working bent leg behind stabilizing leg.
  • As you come out of the curtsy into the side kick, fully extend the knee and slowly tap the foot down to the floor.
  • Repeat 15 times




  • ***Side Tap Challenge*** After your final curtsy with side tap, continue to hold the leg out to the side and just tap the toe (lightly!) to the ground, then lift it back up to the ceiling.
  • Do this 15 times




***Don’t forget to repeat all 5 moves on your other leg.***

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!


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